Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle.

I fully recoment this show. It hits excatly my sense of humor. First episode is very good introduction to humor and rather then reading futher just go watch first episode. If the humor doesn't hit you then the show probably isn't for you. Without going spoilers show is more then just its humor but that is more of a cream on top. I will now continue without caring too much about spoilers.

Why first episode is wonderful. It starts with princess being captured. Hero then speaks informing his intent to rescue princess who must be scared from his life. But in truth, princess is only frusrated that only think she should could, sleep, is interrupted by noiseness near her cell. Then deddy.

Graphically show is more constant then My Next Life as a Villainess. Biggest issues I have with graphics are GCI on Princess' ceil and couple of times when re-use of the animation takes me out of the immersion. I would assume both are caused by budgetary constraints and overall these are minor problems.

# Other stuff about graphics # Why first episode is so good # Amping up the humor after first episode # World building. ?episode 4 letter? # Princess and Demon acceptance. # Minor story faults. # What is overall plan of demon king. # Members of council of 10 is bit inconsistent. (Engineer demon just vanishes, putted demon sometimes sit at the chair?) # Harpy is character not really explored after her slot episodes. In fact there is lot of characters you have entrance but don't really do anything. Mostly this is because time constraints which is why I would like second seaosn and more stable budget. # Does sand dragon move around or what does defeat means for demon council. # Hope for season 2 # There should be proper funding for more then 12 episodes so that cast and story can go through more clamly.