Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle.


I fully recommend this show. It hits exactly my sense of humour. The first episode is a very good introduction to the show's humour. Rather than reading further just go watch the first episode. If the humour doesn't hit you then the show probably isn't for you. Without going spoilers show is more than just its humour. I will now continue without caring too much about spoilers.

Why the first episode is wonderful? It starts with Princess being captured. Hero then speaks informing his intent to rescue the princess who must be scared of his life. But in truth, Princess is frustrated that the only thing she can do is sleep, is interrupted by noises near her cell. This starts a quest for luxury pillow. Then Teddy demons deliver her food and high jinks ensue where princesses cold side and intellect are shown. After that, she escapes first time from her cell. This short epilogue is the routine of the show. Hero wonders is Princess okay cutting to Princess starts a quest to fix some needs and goes on a walk to find resources to complete the quest. She then returns to her cell. Episodes are usually divided into multiple short stories with this structure (but perspective is not always from the princess) and the first episode has two more after the pillow quest. The only thing that the first episode doesn't show is the cream of the top which is the world itself.

One could expect the show to use a lot of position reversal like that demons are more humans and princess is the demon in its humour. This isn't a false expectation. The show certainly uses this but what I found funnier was the visual humour of the show. The scene in dentist short where Princess tries to get out of the chair just makes me laugh. This isn't the only scene where Princess does the large eyes but that plus the movement in the chair is just funny to me. Show also has a rather good continuous gag about the Hero not being that rememberable. This is a fantastic parody of your average Hero character. There was one joke where Demon king speaks with dialogue boxes which I don't understand. Maybe that was a reference to the comic, I don't know.

One frame does not give justice to this scene.

I find world-building to be one of the reasons why I tuned in to the show every week. There are childish things like why do demons and humans fight and should we just forget it but behind it is wonderful notes like there is an old demon castle, not all demons find the current king to be a worthy leader. The human side is also interesting like that Princess is engaged to a person she doesn't really like or that she values sleep because what she does as her job. However, the show doesn't really answer any questions. There is an old demon castle but why? What happened to Old demon king? What exactly is demon traditions? Why Big Ten Council has to fight Hero in order? Why do they make levels to him? A lot of the latter comes from RPG's that show parodies but it doesn't really contextualise it even with a joke. There are also characters in leadership that aren't explored. When Big Ten Council is introduced there is a muppet character sitting next to Neo Alraune how is never explored. Big ten council doesn't make sense since the characters in it aren't really explained. Also, Sand Dragon was part of it but never returns, unlike Fire Vemon Dragon after being defeated by the Hero. I think comic does explain things better but that is only what I have heard.

Character circled red is never explained and disappears without even having a line of dialogue.

Graphically show is more constant than My Next Life as a Villainess. The biggest issues I have with graphics are GCI on Princess' ceil and a couple of times when re-use of the animation takes me out of the immersion. The amount of animation isn't groundbreaking. There is a lack of idle animation which makes some shots a bit static but it didn't matter to me. Lack of idle animation is a wider industry issue. I would assume both are caused by budgetary constraints and overall these are minor problems.

In summary, I don't own the comic but I'm considering it. This was really a lightweight show for me. I hope the show gets proper funding for more than 12 episodes second season. This could help the lack of answers on world-building as the show could start to explain things at its own pace. Ow, and the opening song is one of my favourites.