I'm the Villainess So I'm Taming The Final Boss


I'm the Villainess So I'm Taming The Final Boss is not special in any way, but it is better than My Next Life as Villainess All Routes Lead to Doom and certainly slightly better than average. Like My Next Life as Villainess All Routes Lead to Doom main character is not really a villaness, but unlike Catarina, Aileen is certainly allowed some background political moveability. I certainly can believe her as the wife of a demon lord throughout the show.

The show also has better animation quality than My Next Life as Villainess All Routes Lead to Doom. It is still static and has horrible horse-cart GC so it is not anything to praise but consistency between frames is better than My Next Life as Villainess All Routes Lead to Doom. The opening song is in the top five for me in the 2022 Fall season but there are at least two others on top of it.

Rest of this review, I'm going through the story and characters so SPOILERS are incoming. I will discuss things mainly in episode order.

I like how this show opens. Aileen does not remember her previous life until her upcoming marriage with Prince Cedric has already dissolved because of the main character (Lilia) of the visual novel. This means Aileen has to deal with a bad reputation since out of her control she has been bullied by Lilia. It also does not cause the problem of having an adult mind in a baby's body. In fact, Aileen's scenes and antics is really fun to watch and shows that in the opening and following scene. Unlike Catarina, Aileen can make situations funny. She knows perfect snark attacks when she needs to.

Show knows there is too many characters.

Her next move, since engagement with Cedric is broken, is to go after Cedric's brother. Demon Lord Claude. Her motivation is dead looming over her (like Catarina) at the start. In the end, her intial motivation is somewhere under the love she is feeling.

Claude is a half-brother of Cedric. Cedric's parents were unfaithful or how else he came to be is not explained but he became a demon lord. He was stripped of his royal heritage. He then loaned a piece of land to be a lord over demons in hopes of a piece with humans. The deal involved the demon lord taking care that demons do not attack or manoeuvre against humans and humans do the same to demons. At least on paper. There are slavery subplots in this. Personality wise, he does keep his emotions in somewhat checked. This is most likely a reaction demons knowing his feelings.

Demon lord's power includes the ability to be a powerful magic user (magic is rare in this setting), demons can feel his emotions and vice versa, and demon lord, of course, can control the demons. Although, some demons seem to be able to deny him.

When he and Aileen meet first time it is not exactly love at first sight. Aileen is pretty blunt about doing it for political gain to be the next queen (more in-game character's motivation than previous life's motivation of not dying). These in the first scenes, which do set up blushing between the two, still show that Claude does not trust her outright.

Eventually, the episode ends with the Fenrir cub incident. I do not think it was explained why Fenrir cub got out of the forest but it was been bullied near by school grounds when Aileen found it. She took the task of saving it from Claude. After the rescue Cedric, Lilia, and some side characters came to see Aileen doing the rescue. Cedric in this scene is set up as a person on guard against Aileen's scheming and Lilia as a typical good-aligned player who wants to see good in everyone. Lilia as the main character of the visual novel has multiple choices of males to choose from and Aileen is the antaganist in the game. She has the blood of the sword maiden in her meaning she can use a sword to defeat the demon lord. She gets the sword by falling in love with one of the males. Interestingly enough Aileen also has the blood of the sword maiden.

Aileen was blamed for the incident and she was ready to take the blame for it, because of the human-demon treaty, but Claude came to Aileen's rescue. This got Aileen to cry. This is a setup for two relationship as later Claude says he wants to see her cry.

The next episode really introduces the first batch of supporting characters. Demon lord's aides are Belzebuth and Keith, and only Keith gets any story. Belzebuth does have an arc to learn to trust humans bt story telling on it sucks. These two are only fun in their interaction towards their boss. For Aileen is supported by multiple characters who do not matter. Only Isaac gets any story but not development... unless unconfirmed GF is one... Others have less character than Aileen's father who has a suprise amount of debt but (like others) does not contribute much. There are also some demons but they are just used for gags or foils. Except Almond, who as a moment...

Also, when I say first batch I do mean first batch. As the show continues it is more interesting to put Aileen with a new batch of side characters. These supporting characters really are just Aileen's minions. Show even states as to that effect. To be fair to the show these supporting characters are needed to make Aileen's plans believable but they take far too much time from the main duo who I'm here to watch. In fact latter half of the show basically wants to separate Aileen and Claude from each other. Considering the number of characters in the show, I think it would have been better if some of them would have joined as one character.

So next in the story is the ball where Aileen has to denounce her marriage. She got demon lord as a companion to this ball. At the ball, there is a mysterious treat letter sent to Lilia. Aileen in the visual novel sends this letter, but this time Aileen does not send such a letter. Aileen of course is the main suspect in Cedric's mind. In the ball, Lilia goes missing as the treat indicated. As a response, Cedric sent knights to the demon castle as Aileen was hanging with his brother. As such Claude had to hang back at the castle. Lilian is actually at the Deamon castle on her own. She tries to get on with Claude explaining she is worried that Aileen has hired rogues to kidnap her. It is revealed that she wrote the treating letter in a mad attempt to stop Aileen. Now something odd happens where Deamon lord starts to feel sick from Lilia's presence. Perhaps it is the sword of the sword maiden but she tries to last time romance him with the wording that causes the demon lord romance option in the visual novel. But the demon lord has a bigger boner for Aileen. Claude teleports Lilia away. Meanwhile, Cedric is manhandling Aileen because she is not telling where Lilia is or that she still loves him. Claude comes to the rescue. The fact that Aileen and Claude interact as a romantic partner makes Cedric question what happened. Then Lilia is proven to be behind the treating letter by showing the invation letter to the ball was in the same letter set. This clears Aileen's name. After that Aileen signs, the document denouncing her marriage with Cedric, Claude and her take the first dance. This causes Cedric to lose his marbles a little. Saying that: I can't believe you betrayed me., and: Do not think I let you get away with this! This is an important couple of frames.

You choose my brother over me face.

That was the main story beat in the ball scene. There are however couple of lovely details worth mentioning. When I said Aileen's father has depth as a character it is because he was tough on Aileen fucking up the family business because of the divorce. During the ball, she proves that she has made a beauty product, and clever marking to move to her father. This causes her father to indicate she is still his daughter and he would like to see from the sideline how far she goes. Another smaller scene is between her and Isaac. Isaac was holding the proof that Aileen did not send threatening letters. They have a friendship moment where Aileen says it would be a waste to marry Isaac after which they high-five and move on with a plan. But the cake in this is the fact Aileen is wearing a dress that Claude asks her to. It is lovely because that is proof to Cedric that something else is going on with the two.

Anyway, the next ark is about Keith selling demons to slavery to keep the deed on the demon land. Not that interesting since Aileen uses her otherworldly knowledge to sort it out. They ambush the slavers successfully. The end. But this scene in the visual novel involves both Cedric and Lilia. However, they are not in the same place as in the visual novel. In fact, they ambush Aileen's group and kipnap Aileen.

Cedric's and Lilian's plan is to treat to rape Aileen to cause Claude to transform into his final boss demon form and then kill him. Now, why do they want to do this? Cedric says "This is the only way I can make the emperor accept Lilian". Okay, so Mommy needs a demon lord corpse before Lilian is bitch worth anything. The rape thing happens because Claude has to lose faith in humanity ... and Cedric's jealous.

Cedric loses his faith in humanity and transforms into a dragon. Before Lilian can kill him Aileen steps in front of the sword. Since Aileen is also a sword maiden she takes the sword away from Lilian. Pretty cool scene considering it was a small detail that she had blood of the sword maiden. One could say detransformation is then just I'm so wet for you and my boner compels me to detransform. Sure, it is "I love you" but it is also "It would be nice for you to be my size" which is very Aileen way of saying it. Anyway, the end result is that Claude takes back his royal heritance because Aileen's father (and I suppose Aileen) does not accept anyone else than an Emporer.

The next story moves to a sequel of the visual novel. Except the demon lord is alive and so is Aileen. In the sequel, different countries' university has daemon treat problem. This is somewhat caused by a corrupt church. This is probably the last time I mention them. There are hunters from the church in the Aileen lackes after this ark but they do not matter. Anyway, in the original story student president is a half demon and I think Cedric is there because of political reasons and the duke of the University is sick or something. Regardless, the student president dies like Claude should have died.

Now what happens is the actual story is that Claude goes to handle security and Aileen goes undercover as a boy (because sexism in the country is barely touched on) to make sure Claude does not transform. Basically, there is deamon incest which makes deamons go crazy. Now Claude does not know Aileen is there since Claude didn't want Aileen to come. In their relationship, this is an ark about them being too protective of the other. The problem is, like I said before, having them separate and having a bunch of new characters around Aileen does not really work. There are good gags. I did laugh that Aileen is wearing a duck costume to avoid Claude knowing she is there. It is a good one and it does come back at third act.

Anyway, an interesting bit is that there is some else than the church who is leaving the daemon incest around. That person is the original sequel's heroine. She did not romance anyone so the power of sword maiden never entered to picture. But she is a fan of Sword Maiden and gets letters from her. Her been Lilian since officially she is still the Sword Maiden even though she does not have the sword. Now the fan seems to have gotten directions to spread the demon incest and is confused when the sword maiden's sword is not with one of the boys. Hence, the scene to kill Student President never triggers and Aileen is there to calm the situation.

I was thinking maybe Keith was asking Lilian to send letters to cause problems to Claude. That really didn't fit too well to facts, specially considering sequel's heroine seems to have expected of sword of the Sword maiden. Real answer is that Lilian is also a reincarnation. I don't know know if this will get me offgaurd next time but it did now. It also explains why Lilian went to the Demon castle during the ball.

Best scene between these two.

I like the scene where Lilian is confronted by Aileen. There is an interesting philosophical difference between the two. Aileen keeps her normal behaviour from previous life but Lilian decides that this world has no meaning since it was from the game. I could see layers to be put on this concept. Two reincarnations battle over idealogy since successful reincarnation proves that death is not the end. You could roll in even an interesting argument about god since reincarnations did happen. The opposing side cannot deny that. They would have to argue about conclusion logicality since reincarnation does not necessarily mean god if it is a natural process. But, the show does not really go further in this concept.

In the last act, Claude loses his memory and is locked into the human castle. Aileen is not allowed to visit him, since the Emporer and Empress want to try to convert him to a normal human. There is also a mage subplot where the mage comes to ask for help to rescue his family from the Emporer and Empress but is a spy sent by Lilian. But then in the last episode, Aileen just says don't be evil and Mage pokes out his eye for the gift of servitude. I do not know what does that add to the show. The best part of the last act is when Aileen and Claude interact. There are very few of those. The best idea is that Lilian gets another sword of sword maiden from the other boys of the visual novel. Aileen and Lilian fight. Aileen wins by power of ... wet pussy since she can't have a boner... Then Keith enters and confest about Lilian being an evil mother fucker because of love. This means Lilian stops being evil. At least there was a build-up for the Keith heel turn. But after that, Aileen and Claude get married and are new rulers of the... Whatever kingdom this is... Or is it an empire since the rulers are Emporer and Empress. Well, the plan is to have demons and humans live together. Interesting concept for the second season which will not happen.

Overall I liked the show but it is mediocre. Interesting concepts are not used. The best part of the show the couple are separated for drama hurting the overall quality of the show. At least, I did care about the couple so the romance aspect did succeed.