Al'jazeera's lack of coverage on Trumps Video Game Bullshit!


One of the things left in my mind from high school was teacher saying: "Sometimes you shouldn't look at what newspapers say but what they don't say". This was reply to while class was talking about newspapers and how you should read them and take in the information. So I decided to apply this to Al'jazeera.

While back now Trump's reply to school shooting was that internet, and video games may cause violence and had meeting with some CEOs of the gaming industry. Gamers of every political background mocked Trump for bring back the 90's. Even the CNN article I linked to does side with more "what the fuck are you talking about" group. But how about the Al'jazeera?

Well they didn't even mention the meeting in there Youtube or in there website. Al'jazeera focused on the protest happening the same time (Example 1, Example 2, Example 3, Example 4). We can speculate why this is. It could be just that editor decided that arming teachers was more important topic, or it could be that Al'jazeera agrees with the president on that point. How knows. It is interesting to note thought.