My thoughts on Jon Hellevig vs Karita Mattila.

Written 20.06.2017

I was reading (middle of the workday) about the "Government Crisis" on YLE when article that linked me to this[alt] Helsingin Sanomat article. I still want to make post about True Finns splitting two however 1) True Finns to me is big research rabbit hole 2) I bet this court case will be buried under the "Government Crisis" 3) it relates to Freedom of Speech.

Those how didn't read the article (it is in finnish after all) Jon Hellevig (how I don't know much about only that he is accused to be part of the kremlin machine) has been sentenced to 60 days to discharged prisoment. What I understand discharged sentences this was because first time offence so we can only safelly say that this guy was found guilty of something. According to Helsingin Sanomat (since district court rulings aren't in the internet) offences where defamation and illegal threat. Hellevig's comment come after Mattila (opera singer) refused to work with Russian conductor how signed him self in support of Russian intervention. Comment he said was (probably after edit not entire sure since I think post is now deleted) following:

Source[alt]. Thank you even thought our article is lacking.

Translated by me without capslock... and some spelling mistakes... Hellevig said:

All polite Putin supporters tell me if there is some observations that this nazi whore Karita Mattila would perform in Finland. If so it must be welcomed like only Russians can. Those kind of Nazis shouldn't think that they can fuck around abroad and then here in finland think that everything is okay. Karita, you will never get peace of mind ever in Finland until you crawl to Senatintori and apology your fascism! Karita Mattila. You goddamn NWO whore. Next time you perform in Helsinki's Opera then we will put big banner up where we accuse you supporting Nazism. Don't think you goddamn Eva Braun Hitler's whore that you will get pass on your homefield! All tell me when you hear that this nazi whore comes to Finland to perform then let's welcome it like in Russia.

I do like to note that Hellevig was running in EU election under Independence Party when he made this comment. Party did cut ties as result. Which I think is fine since parently what he ment by "welcome like in Russia" was rape. He did defend him self by saying "spritual rape" which still makes it sound like he had aim to harm Mattila [Source[alt]]. From same source Hellevig had ask where and when Mattila would perform so he could actual have been serious make something happen. I have some what conflicted fleeling about this story.

First of all was this credible threat? I have hard time to find any threat that is made over facebook credible. Of course there is the fact that he did try to find out when he could protest against Mattila so there was more action then normal threat. However if Mattila (or press) wouldn't have walk crossed the aether when Hellevig shouted this bullshit out would Mattila been scared? And it is bullshit what he shouted. There is no doubt he deserved to be thrown out from Independence Party. Maybe threat really come from the his audience because he is too easy to pick out of the opera audience. But let's remember that he delete the post and arcording to Helsinki Sanomat did publicly apology. Why didn't this speech overturned the first speech to tell his audience not to rape her. Also does finnish russian really known to be rapist? I actually don't know. I have to look that up. I would assume not... Which would make Hellevig's "like in Russia" part rather racist.

Defamation part is much more interesting for me. Defamation wasn't consired to be aggravated. In some respect the "nazi whore" can be seen as "general" insult (like feminazi) however he did write like she is some fasist. There is no evidence that she is fasist for not wanting to work with person how supports Putin. It is a dick move my opinion since she is saying those how I work with must be political pure. But back to Hellevig. I can see why this could be consired to be defamation. Hellevig should have been more careful with word nazi since he was running to a political job. Only thing that I would ask of Mattila is that next time try to talk person before sueing.