Blog Post Number 1!

Written 04.06.2017

Why did I do Neocities website? Because their premise of given me to power to make website sounds great! Also it is free. When you look at what I call Squarespace likes (better name probably exist somewhere) they feel heavy for what they are. Not simple and at least for the case of Wix pure html was this odd box that didn't feel good. It probably had it reasons in their easy-to-use mind set. Why I needed website? I really just wanted place where I can put mathematical proofs so why not share them. Of course that portion of the website is not yet done and you know I kind want to have fun with this website and make silly things (if my todo list didn't gave that a way already).

I really would like to make random button that links person to random Neocities site. I haven't yet figure out how to randomly generate valid urls. I could just generate random string and try. However this would mean if 404 is returned then I would need generate other one. What are odds that random string is a site? Probably too low number so there would be several of failed apptemps which isn't really smart. Also I should have blacklist just to lessen number of site that are bullshit. But so far websites that have been cool are this,this,this, and this.

I have couple "problems" with neocities. First one is rather minor. What if I need more than 1GB of storage. One could update (althought supporter page is bit misleading since it is 1GB vs 20000MB.proof) or I could upload some resources to other site. Not really a big issue. Second problem is that in the website editor you can't rename your files. Why I can't do that?!

Thrid is that I don't see my website when I search for it in neocities. I had to turn off 18+ mark and then I find my site under mathematics tag. When I toggled the mark back on my site wasn't on the list. So if my aim was to create website that has math proofs why toggle that thing on first place? Because I want to have ability to do this.

Bird wispered this is drawn by Hews Hack. I can't confirme this.

Ths isn't something I want to do often. I just want to have power to do so. Maybe that is dumb reason shoot my self to the foot by have no visibility, but that is more important to me. I can do anything I want. However since Neocities doesn't allow search of the 18+ content (or do since porn tag exist) maybe I should try not just make random button but better search functionality. It really sucks that there isn't option to search 18+ content. Althought Google didn't come up with anything so maybe that content doesn't exist. Lot of the content here is bit lacking. Hopefully I can (and have willpower to) improve that.