Ano, just stop.


Ex Finns Party representative Ano Turtiainen tweeted. An image of the tweet is below just in case there is a takedown. My translation follows

Ano stop.
Everything already pisses me off.

My friend said: "I'm ready to kill if somebody is forced to put on a mask in this country."

Well, I wouldn't look at it at the sideline.
Greetings to colleagues who are in support of forced masks.

Speaker Anu Venviläinen didn't like this and this will be discussed at some point.[YLE first article][YLE second article] I have to agree with the speaker that this is a treat. I get why Ano can say it isn't. His argument is that the third line is how he votes in the parliament. After all, he didn't directly say he would support violence in this tweet. But we know that Ano has gotten a warning about threats from the speaker. We know that Ano is fine with attacks against reception centres. We know that Ano has assaulted[alt] a child! Ano no one fucking believes you with this record! Stop digging your grave. Start thinking about how to communicate with someone how isn't a walking threat to society! Or at least do the smart and do not tell your friend that we already force doctors to wear masks in operation rooms.

I don't know does the speaker do anything else than a second warning. Ano will not learn from that. This is outside of parliament so does the speaker even have "jurisdiction"? For the criminal case, this is too vague to me think anything in the law fits. Terroristic threat because politics... maybe just treat of violence... Don't know.