2021 Update.


Happy 2021!

Real-life has been busy. I am not happy last years post output. Most post where individual episode reviews of My Next Life as a Villainess: All routes lead to doom!. If you take them out I had two posts plus review plus literature review out last year. So, I still had long pauses between content before the seventh month. Which after had a long pause. I probably won't do more individual episode reviews. They will suck any other content out since I couldn't even write episodes weekly anyway. I could have written more reviews on some manga I have owned a long time now.

Literature review I'm talking about is bachelor thesis I reviewed and released before the end of the year. I did write it before Christmas mostly but getting time to grammar check it took a long time. I'm happy about it as it is a good pilot. I probably avoid bachelor thesis as bachelors don't really have resources to do good work and it is most peoples first attempt on scientific/engineering work.

But this comes to 2021 plans. I did start to write about EU's digital services act as it is interesting. However, I may be put it to back burner. I don't have literature review page up and I have learned more about HTML that I can make more use of certain tags. I also did the stupid thing of using br tag as a paragraph break. I think it is a common mistake but br tag is inside a paragraph newline. For space between p tags, use padding or margin... I guess... If you use border then the margin is probably better... margin by definition is between elements. I also didn't grammar correct lot of my earlier post so I need to do that.

I have had for a while now had a list of 2020-2021 major site update but so that I can lock changes I put a list here. Some of these have already done. Some of these may cause weird behaviour before I have gone through every page manually. Like paragraph margin fix. Most like I do several passes. If I end up releasing something during this I probably do it on the best style known at the time. I already have a good template on how to use the CSS grid. Part of it is manually typed right now. I may move that to .css file as the last thing.

I do want to try post something ones per month one whole year. This means under blog, review, math, or literature. Perhaps reviews mostly or easy responses like GDC one. SARS-COV-2 probably isn't easy target. I would like to post about it but this year is going to be a hard time-wise.