Episode Look At: My Next Life as a Villainess: All routes lead to doom! Episode 7.


So bully didn't make her move on this episode and we learned about Sophia's rebirth. Ow, and something is going on.

Sophia seems to be a reincarnation of Catarina's friend in her memories. This explains why she doesn't want to be in Catarina's pants. I don't know do I like this. It feels like the writer wanted to write out from the sad corner where friend ends up. Her crying scene does get emotion out of me so I guess it is good enough. What I don't like is the main throughlines of the whole episode.

They have a practical exam in an ancient ruin. Why this ruin is not fully explored or why teachers think students can survive trap ridden place I don't know. Also, it is a shitty test considering Catarina didn't do anything and she passed. Anyway, Catarina gets separated from her group. Sophia is sad because she thinks she lost her again. To able to locate her they use wind magic to find Catarina's voice which is a nice idea. Then Sophia saves her from dropping down which then I assume saved by Sirius. This show already has a rather large character pool so it isn't really a mystery.

The problem I have again is that Catarina's strength once again is in flux. I don't like the hamfisted nature that Sophia saves Catarina. I would rewrite this so that Catarina falls then notices more mushrooms starts to collect them. Behind them would be the relic which then she uses to cut more mushrooms. Sophia would then find her be surprised and help her up. If you must have that Sirius helps them have Sophia drip after she is trying to help Catarina.

Another problem I have is that too much time is spent giving characters scenarios they can solve using magic. It is too obvious that the writer just wanted to show off their magic. I still feel like the show isn't really using magic for anything. At least Alan carrying Mary was a nice scene.

My speculation on the shadow that was following Catarina is the soul of actual Catarina or Sirius have some weird multiple elements magic.