Episode Look At: My Next Life as a Villainess: All routes lead to doom! Episode 6.


At first, I swore this episode would be filler but it was not. Still, we are halfway into this series and it would be time for a turning point. The episode is divided into multiple small stories. I love opening joke but I am disappointed that she doesn't make her own "toys". We learn that Keith is kind of creepy and Catarina doesn't know it. Also, has Catarina and Gerald interacted with each other alone since they were ten? Catarina has the stamina to be faster with the boat against Alan. So why was Catarina out of breath in the last episode?

The two main things in this episode are Nicole and Mary. Nicole is shit and Mary is interesting. Early on in the picnic, Nicole is smiling because Catarina is around. So we are going down that path with his character. I like Nicole's and Gerald's conversation about smiling. This shows that they have known each other long time. What I don't like is Nicole confessing to Catarina and it is not addressed at all! It isn't like Catarina didn't understand that because she said it! Also, I guess Sophia is the only character that doesn't want into Catarina's pants as she is supporting her brother.

For Mary, I guess my hypothesis she would fall in love with Alan when she hears his music is out. First, it is interesting that Mary was angry looking at Alan when he said that he didn't perform the song to his loved one. She hushes him to socialize with other guests and then says: This is dangerous. I've spent all these years trying not to let him realize it... I'll have to sow some doubt in him again later. I can't afford any more competition! Catarina takes this to mean that Mary wants to keep Alan to herself. Of course, this isn't. The competition is about Catarina. The interesting part is that she abusing him? That could explain why Alan isn't really actively trying to impress Catarina.

I hope next episode something starts to happen or a bully makes a move. The story is getting a bit stale.