Episode Look At: My Next Life as a Villainess: All routes lead to doom! Episode 1.


So rather than waiting to make a whole review for My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! I decided to write per episode reviews. I probably collect them for a full review later.

I personally like villain characters winning in the storey simple because I want to read something different so I was excited by the name. This is not villan character story. It is rather the opposite. Main character (Catarina Claes or Katarina Cleas) was a spoiled brat but then hit in the head. This hit in the head caused her to think that this life is her second one. She read/played otome Fortune Lover visual novel/game in her previous life. Then she was late from school and was hit by a car. Her second life is in the game Fortune Lover's world. I say think that this is her second life just because it makes me drink the Isekai aspect of the story better. I don't think the previous life will come to affect more than what she thinks she has to avoid not to "die". Unlike typical Isekai she is not the hero of her visual novel/game world. Rather she is the villain of the story how ether dies in the bad end or is exiled in the good end. She alludes to other endings being similar. To avoid these options she changes her behaviour to change the future. Now since the story does not seem to go to where I would have wanted it to, there are two aspects of this show that make me watch more. Humour and Caratina's logical decision making. But first the bad.

I don't know why Japanese studios keep putting spoilers into the opening. Why did you have to spoil Catarina's and Maria's relationship? I guess I have to be just lucky it isn't people editing One Piece openings right now. Opening music itself is not something I like ... so even more reason to be annoyed by the spoilers. Another thing I was a bit annoyed with was that Catarina makes a huge deal about avoiding the doom of death or exile. Sure she has now a position in life where she will have her life set good unless she fucks up but she doesn't care for high society after the accident. I don't really understand why exile would really hurt her. In fact, I later checked upon this scene that I didn't miss something but no exile somehow means dead. Maybe it is just because she is a brat exile means dead.

However, I really like the scene where the panel of Catarina's decides what to do next. Even though humour in these scenes isn't anything new it is well done and most importantly I like the conclusion she ends up with. If she gets exiled she has to know how to be an earth spellsword I think (let's see what the show does with her powers). In the bad end being a sword would be helpful as well. So she concludes that she has to learn swordsmanship and more about her magic. These aren't the only logical actions she has. She doesn't want to think of marriage with Gerald simple because she is a "17-year-old" in the mind but Gerald is eight. When Keith shows his magic she thinks about how it could be used for business. I hope these scenes are reflective of the logical thinking this show will offer.

So yeah I will continue to watch. My hope is it is going to be something silly seven or eight out of ten show. Not a special but okay ride.