Ramblings on what should I do with this website.


If you have looked into my todo list you may have noticed there is problem with dynamic loading where back and forward buttons on browser don't work. Simple fix would be use History API but this really got me thinking what should I really do to improve the website.

Simple change that I should probably have done sooner was to change the website lohikaarme to jackerty. Jackerty doesn't have undertone of being otherkin. Also it is much more unique.

Other thing I has starting to bug me is the side and top bar. Looking at site like ikewise, Spaced they do have empty space and text are in the boxes. I haven't decided what should I do with top bar (since it does server a function of following along) I will probably move the side bar more to the center made it fully transparent box. Also the Neocities logo at the bottom should probably be better looking as well.

I probably shouldn't have uploded four fonts to backend. First of all they should have being backups so that I am not realable on Google. Also now months (prehaps a year) later I'm thinking that maybe I should commit to pixel art aesthetic. So I probably should just use Press Start 2P font.

And the last thing... Should I make this site fully static. Reason I don't really want do that because I like to do subject matter filtering under blog tag at some point and I would like to keep front page be the newest blog posts. It isn't that loading blogs is too slow (I do worry about it thought) it is that I would also like that blog post to be there own stand alone page. Also if I look at serebii.net or anything from blogger.com server end adds the blogs post to the page before sending it to browser. That is better way a doing it unlike me how has to do linked list of pages that incremental loads them self untill load isn't called. Also constantly adding more strings to strings probably does cause reallocs which isn't speeding things up.

Maybe I should try to do something that adds context. Here is archives of the old desing. Archive 1 Archive 2