Ranting about Rocket League's GDC presentation on language ban system.


I will rant about following video from GDC. Speaker is Devin Connors, community manager of Psyonix. His presentations made me yell to screen "that proofs nothing!". At begining I was clad that system seem to only consider cases where report was filed. This would mean that bar to get banned would be higher because behavior would has to be worth making report over. Also system did considere over time effect by looking your matches played in one week period. It seem resoable to consider since player that is truelly toxic would probably be consistent with toxicity. They also did consider that some player may say "shit", or etc in non toxic context.

Most of my facepalming comes in when he start to talk about "results". Factoids in the slides (relevant here) are:

"33% increase in reports received after messaging went live!"
"97000 bans issued in the first 90 days"

First fact had assuption that this increase was players how thought reporting system did nothing. That assumption was justified by anecdote of player how thinks that previos system didn't work. How does this show that people weren't just testing the new system for purpose of harassing others? How knows...

Second result is what I have more a problem with because it is used to justicy the whole system as "hey look it works!". THAT IS NOT EVIDENCE OF IT WORKING! Where are your numbers on false positives and negatives? You made a joke about the graphs. Well where is your ROC-curve? You said in questions that there is repeal system. How many bans did you repeal?

Also there was more anecdotes about players coming to reddit and apology there behavior. Sheeesh do people how are banned and angry even go to your subreddit to bitch about it.